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Bakery Software Products
BIT Corp Software & Automation

Products for:
  • Food Plant Software
  • Bakery Software
  • Production Management
  • Quality Assurance
  • Product Development
  • Plant Engineering
  • Maintenance Management
  • Sanitation Management
  • Solutions for Bioterrorism Act

BIT Corp offers products for Food Processing Automation, Product Tracking, and Product Development. We have Preventive Maintenance Software and Maintenance Management Software.

If you are planning or are already in a bakery startup we have baking software, batch control systems, batching scales, we have software for batch processing, bakery product costing, and quality assurance software. We have software that can calculate shelf life so you can have an effective shelf life extension program. Every smart bakery should be performing shelf life evaluation with a program of shelf life validation. BIT has nutritional software which not only performs nutritional analysis and costing but also creates FDA approved nutritional labels.

We also provide PLC control systems for production line to plant-wide automation and continuous & batch mixing systems used in bulk material handling applications. In this capacity our scope of supply is complete PLC control systems and SCADA/HMI software engineering. The company has substantial expertise and application knowledge in the food and baking industry.


Automated Batching:

Would you like to eliminate operator errors? Would you like to get a Perfect Batch every time? The PRIMS system can help you realize those goals. The PRIMS ingredient batching software system allows users to create formulations and production schedules for mixers and send them to the ingredient system PLC's. The batching is automated, scaling deviations and ingredient usages are recorded. In this advanced food processing software also includes lot tracking. This Lot Tracking solution is from Focus Works. See PRIMS for more information.


Computer Integrated Scaling:

BIT Corp provides computerized scaling systems that may be used separately or integrated with the PRIMS system.  The scales keep the operator within allowable tolerances by not letting them go to the next step unless the scaled amount is within tolerance.  With the computerized scaling software you'll get  a record of:
Every deviation in every batch.
Actual real-time inventory used.
Record in-line piece weight checking.
Ingredient lot tracking
See Scaling for more information.


Bakery Product Development Software:

BIT Corp now offers four new bakery simulation products.  These bakery software products have been tested in real bakeries all over and work great.  From determining the right amount of ingredients to add to a recipe for the best baked or unbaked product texture to packaging for the longest possible shelf life we can guide you through it all.  This baking software is perfect for large and small bakeries with tools to speed up production reduce mistakes and diagnose production faults.
See "Bakery Product Development Software" for more information.


Implementing Title III of the FDA Bioterrorism Act:

When it comes to solutions for Bioterrorism, BIT Corp's PRIMS Production Management Software will make you compliant with the Bioterrorism Act of 2002. Our PRIMS system will also improve your quality control in product batching and give you realtime inventory and product tracking.
"The Bioterrorism Act authorizes (the) FDA to take civil or criminal action against any facility that does not participate in the mandatory program."
The people at BIT Corp are experts on how to help your company comply with the Title III Bioterrorism Act as quickly as possible.  BIT has trained Bioterrorism consultants equipped with knowledge and technology to help you set up Ingredient Lot Tracking and the most accurate Product Tracking system possible. Bioterrorism Act Noncompliance can result in a detriment to your company. See Bioterrorism for more information and request for two books on how to begin compliance today.


Engineering Services:

Wether you need a full factory automation system or just conveyor controls, BIT's control system integrators can design and build a system for you. The people at BIT Corp have been in the business of applying and installing computer and programmable controller (PLC) automation for over 25 years. Our expertise as control systems integrators is due to our experience with bakery and food equipment diagnostics. We pride ourselves in creating diagnostic PLC logic to reduce downtime by understanding the operation of the equipment and the production process. BIT Corp provides service & support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, nationwide.


Maintenance Management:

BIT Corp also provides maintenance management software designed specifically for bakeries and food plants.  It automates PM schedules and work orders, handles inventory, and purchasing.  It can reduce your downtime, control your costs, and minimize work interruptions.   See COGZ for more information.


Predict Breakdowns:

With PRO-MACS machine diagnostics software you can perform failure / downtime reporting and analysis, production rate and efficiency reporting, product tracking and predictive failure alarming, all automatically.   Monitor all of your plant's equipment in real time from one diagnostics system. See PRO-MACS for more information.

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